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The Government maintained that they could do very little about the American Signal crayfish as they saw no cost-effective control. Bob Ring was not impressed with such defeatism, decided to do better, and started Crayaway in 2003 to combat the environmental crisis with innovative action. The magnitude of the task was not immediately obvious, but now, with over ten years of crayfish experience, Crayaway has answered all environmental concerns with a commercially viable scheme that needs to be fully embraced by the Government for maximum effect. Crayaway has created new markets, is raising public awareness about American Signal crayfish, and is removing many tonnes of them from English waters. Over the same time, the most significant effort made by the Government has been to try and introduce a licence fee for trappers! (...and they say it's the trappers who can't be trusted to resist a quick buck!) Crayaway continues to exist because the project is working. For example, until Crayaway there was no market for smaller crayfish, and a major criticism of trapping was that trappers returned the "smalls" to the waters and so perpetuated, even exacerbated, the problem. Due solely to Crayaway's Crayfish Bob pop-up restaurants, a new market for tonnes of "smalls" has been created. Four years ago they had no commercial value but they are now sought after by fashionable street-food traders, event organisers, and the like. Anyway, this is just a welcome page; not a personal trumpet recital. Please look at the rest of the website to get a better idea of why Crayaway exists, and the services on offer. Thanks. Bob

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